"You just wrote this out, didn't you? You haven't rejigged anything?"

"Yes, I looked at it again. I mean I wrote it longhand and then when I typed it up I tried to balance it out, the rhythms in my head worked better another way, stuff like that."

"Oh"... "OK"... "Well..."

"How shit is it?"

"Pretty shit..."

[Long Pause]

"Where did you write it?"

"In Pret. No in Starbucks, then Pret, I had to move because the toilet was out of order - there was a sign."

"What did the sign say?"

"Out of Order"

"Maybe you should pay more attention to the signs."

07/02/14; 11:45:49 AM

"There's only one outlet and those bitches aren't even using it they're sitting there babbling in ubusubumaryan or something. They haven't a clue how annoying they are babbling and jabbering and all the time the power is soaking away fro my phone and there are at least three people I really needed to phone earlier but I decided I'd leave it till now because I knew there'd be somewhere to sit and charge up and I've already drunk too much coffee today and my bladder is prodding me and now the fucking toilet's out of order too... On Oxford Street!"

07/02/14; 11:35:38 AM

You called me

Then you texted me

Then you called and left a message

Saying you couldn't remember

Which one I preferred

Anyway you'd love to talk sometime

OK. Thanks. Bye.

07/02/14; 11:25:41 AM

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