Had a funny walk in this morning, I was talking to someone on the phone when I left and so didn't think too hard, just set off along the river. Then I realised it was about half past nine and I was only at the bottom of Battersea High St and I'd have quite liked to be at the RFH for #tuttle at ten. So what to do? Couldn't remember the selection of buses from Battersea Park Road, but walked up there anyway. By the time I got up there, I'd figured that there wasn't anything that was going to get me all the way to Waterloo and I was really resisting going to Clapham Junction because... well I'd been walking for forty minutes and I'd only got to Clapham Junction. But carrying on to Queenstown Road would have been silly so I walked up Falcon Rd and got on a train.

Tony was there when I arrived. Oh before that I got a coffee from the place where they write your name on the cup, the one on Waterloo station. And today's version of my name was "LYLOD" so when the poor barista called "Black Americano for .... um... " I said, "I expect that's mine" and shared a chuckle.

So yes, Tony was there when I arrived. We talked a lot about walking in the city and thinking with your body; and rhythms and drummers "having time"; and writing about walking; and teaching by doing alongside; and needing an audience; and how "audience" isn't quite the right word for what we have now.

I see this most purely on instagram. I don't have an audience, I share my stuff and there's a gang of us that I expect will see it, but I'm always as interested in what else is in the stream. When I'm walking and making pictures it can be harder because I'm out and can't necessarily see the screen against the sun or reflections or else my eyes just aren't working very well, but I do try not to just get into "push mode". I think there's lessons there for contributing to or participating in other streams.

On the way back I walked as far as Queenstown Road station. I went along the river. I'm guessing that when the Battersea Power Station development is finished, you'll be able to walk all the way along the river path but you have to dodge inland a bit around that development. They've new-ish hoardings up with "LIVE ORIGINAL" in massive wooden letters nailed on. I'm surprised that there isn't more graffiti - and now I think about it, I don't remember seeing any on any of the (way too many) boards surrounding construction sites. Are they graffiti-proofed or is it about the security guys and surveillance? Or is it something else? Is it a sign that this gentrification is actually very welcome in this part of South West London? Um. No. I can't really believe that one, certainly not with the kinds of people who would do graffiti in the first place.

I allowed myself to stop and instagram along the way. It's a little distraction from the rhythm of the walk, but it's not too bad, especially when I'm on the home leg. I see there's going to be a Rhubarb Patch by the river in Nine Elms - it has it's own little area already laid out and well-manured.

I must try the coffee shop in the Queenstown Road station but I'm always on the way somewhere else. Next time perhaps.

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