I went to see the osteopath this morning. At 9am! She practices in Morden, so it was an opportunity to take the tram, although on that little bit down from Wimbledon, you wouldn't really know you were on a tram particularly (as opposed to the open-plan tube or overground trains).

It was nice to have someone pay attention to my shoulder. I was warned that I might feel a bit weird afterwards. I'm not experiencing that much at the moment - I've had massages that have left me feeling much more zonked, but who knows, it might kick in after a night's sleep or something.

She did two big clicks on me. The first was the one where you put your hands on the back of your head and they wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, CLICK. The other time she used the weight of her body on me while lying down. There's no way to describe that (believe me I've just tried several other ways and deleted them all) without it sounding a bit shady, but it wasn't at all like that. Yes, I went to a suburban house this morning and in exchange for cash, a young lady made me lie down and then pressed down on me with her body until something in my back went click. Let's move on.

She did other things too, but quite a few of them were not easy to describe. At one point, I said to her "Oh that's interesting, I notice that you're doing something but it doesn't seem that you're doing anything." Which is a bit like some of my work, I show up and do nothing, but it's not really nothing.

My shoulder is free from pain, but then it had been a lot less painful since Tuesday morning. I just also have the feeling that something is going on inside me that I'm not going to be aware of until later.

She was very chatty. I suppose I'm comparing it with massage again, where people generally just be quiet and expect me to be quiet. Perhaps it's a technique to get you thinking about something other than what she' doing with her hands.

I'm aware that I've spent a lot of time in my life avoiding using my shoulders in a way that might hurt them, I've been hyper-defensive. She suggested swimming as good exercise - crawl or backstroke - and I realised that I just decided at some point that I couldn't do anything other than breaststroke because I was afraid of hurting my shoulder. So I've just been holding that fear in my upper body. She said at the end that it didn't seem to be so much a problem with the shoulder as the way I was compensating with my upper back and neck muscles.

So. I've got some exercises to do and I'm going back next week.

05/29/14; 12:37:35 PM

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