Using Archive Film

The seed for me getting involved in this work was the TIDA 1935 film "Men Who Work" which we saw by accident when looking at the British Council Collection.

If you look at that film - it shows a day in the life of the factory, including the counting of the cash for the wage packets - it tells the rest of the world how British craftsmanship is the key to the success of the company.

If you then look for clips about Longbridge in the Media Archive for Central England (MACE) there are a few promotional items - "the 1 millionth Mini!"... "the 2 millionth Mini!" and then local news clips about layoffs and strikes with lots of vox pops about whether they agree with this or that.

This means that there's only one story being told again - the success or failure of the company, with failure being laid at the unions' door.

There's nothing about what it's really like to work there, the humour, the social life, the everyday experience of anyone who worked there or the people who lived nearby and didn't work there.

I'm hoping to find moving picture material that starts to tell that part of the story.

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