I come from what I considered to be a fairly ordinary South Birmingham family. All the people I knew were born in the twentieth century and they represent a cross-section of British society in that time. At least a cross-section of the "ordinary people". We have no aristocrats, although some of us have aspirations...

The bulk of the people I call my family are Davenports although I'm a Davis. My father had one brother, who died five years ago. It appears that he did father some children but it was while he was travelling the world and he never introduced us. Both my grandfathers died in 1990, in their eighties. My father's mother died at Christmas 1991 - she saw me married, she got to meet my son. My mother's mother died in February 2009, aged 97. My mother has four brothers and two sisters and between them there have produced 19 members of my generation (so-called "legitimately", I think there are two others born out of wedlock in the sixties and given away for adoption).

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