I just went to the Pick Me Up graphic arts festival at Somerset House. It was really interesting - you enter through what feels like a traditional gallery space. Each artist has a wall with a statement and descriptions of the work. Then you go upstairs and there's a kind of marketplace with artists working at ttables - although there's a mix here and I found it a bit confusing. Because some tables are work tables and some are more like sales tables and others are like collaborative tables and it's never clear who's doing what, whether the people sitting down are artists or customers. What an interesting thing for me to think and be disturbed by!

Then downstairs again there was a group called Offcut - they were playing a game, which, as I understood it, starts each day with an image - the players make something three-dimensional out of the scraps and offcuts they have. Then others can make an image of what they've made and so on. They described it as kind of "Chinese Whispers".

04/29/14; 03:32:31 PM

I'm just writing this to try to find the source of the issue I have with dates in my Fargo blog - I'm writing this on April 29th, but so far, in the new Note Blog format the dates show up as yesterday. So I'm expecting that when this renders it will show up as April 28th.

It did

Here's the summary of the issue that I posted to the mailing list yesterday

  • I'm writing in the outllne named lloyd that publishes to http://lloyd.smallpict.com as a #stream

  • What I'm doing:

    • I write a new post
  • What I expected to happen:

    • The new post is published with today's date as the title.
  • What actually happens:

    • The new post is published with yesterday's date as the title. Fargo creates the item with today's date and the title (currently Sunday, 27 April, 2014) links to http://lloyd.smallpict.com/2014/04/28
  • I can also see that the misalignment happened in the gap between posts on March 26th and April 10th as http://lloyd.smallpict.com/2014/03/26 is titled correctly and http://lloyd.smallpict.com/2014/04/10 is incorrect.

  • Any help getting back on track appreciated.

  • Thanks

So here's what I did today and what I saw

  • It was 08.55 BST on April 29th 2014

  • I closed the outline in Fargo and shut down the Fargo tab.

  • I opened a new tab with Fargo running

  • I opened the Lloyd outline (File -> Open)

    • I've been using this outline since June 18, 2013

    • the #directives I have for this outline are

  • I clicked on the big "+" at the top of the left-hand button bar to create a new post.

  • A new node appeared under today's date, April 29.

  • I typed "Testing" on that line to make that the headline

  • I checked the attributes by clicking on the suitcase in the left-hand button bar while the cursor was on this line

    • created: Tue, 29 April 2014 07:56:40 GMT

    • type: outline

    • isFeedItem: true

    • name: Testing

  • I wrote the first paragraph of this text and waited until it had saved.

  • I went to http://lloyd.smallpict.com

  • The post was there and the title for the day was "Monday, April 28, 2014"

At 10:54 BST on the same day I'm going to try creating a blog from scratch.

  • I'm creating a new outline for a blog using the instructions at http://fargo.io/docs/blogging/firstPost.html

  • I did File->New and called it DateIssue

  • I entered a little bit of text (per 4th bullet point)

  • I named it DateIssue and got confirmation that dateissue.smallpict.com was available.

  • I went to dateissue.smallpict.com and took a screenshot

  • I noticed that it said "Last built: Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 5:00 AM" which puts it on CDT (or EST?)

  • I went back to my outline and clicked on the big "+"

  • It created a Year headline 2014 with the calendar icon

  • Below that and indented "April 2014" with name=04 in the attributes

  • Below that and indented "April 29" with name=29 in the attributes

  • Below that and indented a blank line with type=outline, isFeedItem=true

  • I typed "First Post" on this line

  • I hit return and tab to indent and then wrote "This is my first post"

  • I put the cursor on the headline and hit the Eye icon and dateissue.smallpict.com opened. I took another screenshot

  • That completes the instructions for setting up a new blog

  • Now I want to change it to the noteblog format so I'm looking at the instructions on http://fargo.io/docs/blogging/settingUpANoteblog.html the section titled "Publishing the linkblog"

      1. My outline already has a name
      1. I add #type "stream" at the top level of the outline
      1. I do File->Render All Pages
      1. I press the home icon to open it up
  • The site successfully renders in the stream/noteblog format, but the date is shown as "Monday, April 28, 2014" screenshot

Data from another user

04/29/14; 08:56:40 AM

Last built: Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 1:30 PM

By Lloyd Davis, Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 8:56 AM.