I've started using Buffer this week in an experiment to see how it works and what a difference it makes to me to be linkblogging on Twitter. It's not the ideal. It has a Chrome extension, so I click on an icon which grabs the title of the page I'm on, or the text that I've selected in it and puts it in a dialog box with a link to the page and an option to share now or put into the buffer. I then have 12 time slots (I haven't investigated how many I can have in a day, nor how big the buffer is - ie how many items it will hold).

I've gotten out of the habit of tweeting links, partly because I have time on Twitter in bursts and I don't like spewing out ten links and then going quiet. Or something. Actually there's another thing. I find that people notice that I'm tweeting and then assume that I'm free and start calling me or sending me e-mail - flow, but just as often it's distracting flow.

But it works and I've been sharing more stuff than before and that feels good. I like having it there. What I'd really like is to have a bookmarklet that does the same thing but puts the link in a Fargo linkblog outline and then publshes it according to a spread-out schedule across the day.

04/10/14; 05:16:48 PM

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By Lloyd Davis, Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 5:16 PM.